Honestly, the best part of our 20 Best Songs About Places In San Francisco is the comment section, which has turned into, as Jay put it to me this morning, "its own crowdsourced list" of SF-focused songs that you all love.

Most of 'em we'd heard of, but one we hadn't came to us via commenter Cheryl, who described Sam Johnson's "The City" as "SF's new anthem."

Johnson, apparently an area musician, recently released an album also called The City, with a cover depicting our skyline. But if you had any doubt that he's serious about all that SF stuff, watch the below video: nearly every line of this song details a different aspect of our iconic SF neighborhoods. (Even the Sunset, I was happy to note.)

This, my friends, is the song MTV will use when they do establishing shots of the city in the next SF iteration of either Catfish or The Real World, whichever comes first. And if it's not, well, more the fool them.