It wasn't ever the hippest coffee venue in the city — heck, it was even a chain. But folks who live in the area of Fillmore and Jackson Streets really loved the Tully's on their corner. And now, due to a reported huge increase in rent, it's gone.

According to Tully's manager Bianca Ramos, the building that housed Tully's was sold at around the same time that Tully's lease was up. Though Tully's tried to negotiate, the new owners demanded a 74% rent increase, and the company opted to close, instead.

This was the last Tully's location still open in San Francisco, as by the end of 2012, every other SF location of the once-mighty chain had shut down.

Reporting for The New Fillmore, filmmaker Erika Tetur captured the below video of the beloved coffee shop's final days. As you can see in the video report, a close community had grown around this final Tully's, with Annie Salimi, a staffer at the neighboring Juicy News near tears as she described the network of patrons and staffers as "like family."

Another Tully's customer, Barbara Wyeth, said that the closure was "very disturbing...part of what I love about the city is the feeling of community you get in different neighborhoods."

"I see that being chipped away at," Wyeth said. "And it makes me nervous."

The Loss of Tully's from Erika Kocourkova-Tetur on Vimeo.

[h/t Inside Scoop]