As of today, there are enough mobile pizzerias in San Francisco to field a food truck race. Since this moving-vehicles-with-blazing-hot-ovens event is unlikely to occur, let's imagine it anyway.

Here are the contenders:


First out of the gate (back in 2011) would be Casey’s, the Bay’s OG pizza truck. Casey’s rig: A customized linen truck, which, though probably not very speedy, is decked out with an onboard Marsal MB-60 propane-fired oven. A 2” firebrick hearth keeps pies crispy and thin in a nod to East Coast “Apizza” favorites (plus a weekends-only brunch pizza).

Del Popolo via Facebook

Second place is then quickly occupied by Del Popolo: the sleek, custom-designed container truck from former Flour + Water pizzaiolo Jonathan Darsky. It starts a little sluggishly — with permitting and funding issues — but it's on the road by 2012. A fresh-from-the-home-country, 5,000-pound Stefano Ferrara oven heats up to 800 degrees and churns out beautiful Neapolitans.

Mozzeria via Facebook

And now, turning it up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, cooking up pizzas in 90 seconds — and hot off a roadtrip to rival the one in Chef — the owners of the Mission’s Mozzeria (3228 16th Street) are introducing what might be the ultimate San Francisco mobile food operation. Fine, maybe not (it doesn't serve burritos, after all) but it is modeled on a cable car. And, as Eater reports, it's available for hire.

Yes, this food truck/trolley, which they’re calling the Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria, has come from as far as Florida where it competed in Food Truck Wars — more than preparing the operation for a hypothetical race back home. What's more, the crew helped support the deaf community on the way, which is something they do at Mozzeria.

In the end, of course, it’s not a race — and Mozzeria would obviously lose because it's a cable car. But there’s plenty of room for great pizza in San Francisco as our now formindable scene continues to get fired up.

Casey's Pizza via Facebook