After trying to tell a mother in the checkout line at Nordstrom Rack in Colma to quiet her screaming child, a young woman ended up getting punched in the face by the mother in the parking lot shortly thereafter.

Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson tells her story to KPIX/CBS 5 after her assault was captured on some fuzzy surveillance video. Hajek-Richardson, appearing on the news in thick-framed glasses and printed tunic, admits that after asking the mother nicely to calm her child — who was having a reportedly loud tantrum in that checkout line — the woman reacted angrily. Then Hajek-Richardson admits she told the mother to "go to hell."

Fast-forward a couple of minutes to the parking lot, where the enraged mother ran up to Hajek-Richardson, said, "Where you tell me to go?" and then clocked her, twice, knocking her to the ground. You can see the attack, sort of, in the video below.

The funniest part may be how proud Hajek-Richardson is to share her story on the news, and how happy KPIX is to report from the scene at the Nordstrom Rack parking lot.

Mom rage: It's real, people. Mind your business.

Update: The violent mom suspect has been arrested.