When you watch the above video of the SF Giants celebrating immediately following their nail-biting triumph Wednesday night, you will see champagne spray. You will hear hollering. But you know what you won't see?

Madison Bumgarner chugging four beers.


Madison Bumgarner chugging five beers.

or even

Madison Bumgarner chugging six beers and a bottle of champagne.

Instead, we see this:

It's true. The man our own e. chang describes as "one long-hair having, snotrocket launching, serial-killer looking, bad mother shut your mouth: your 2014 World Series MVP, Madison Bumgarner," appeared to consume, as SB Nation notes, "only one Budweiser, and he seems to be enjoying it, rather than pretending his chin is on fire and beer is the only substance that can put it out."

This is why we love this guy. You think he's gonna zig, and he zags. That's some serious badassery.