This of story the ranting, Chinatown-hating former City Sightseeing tour guide, and the overall public outcry against her, may have almost run its course. Late last week we got to hear her speak and give her weak defense for what she called her "comedic" portion of that tour, on her final day at work. And though she's still not been publicly identified, some activists in Oakland held a rally over the weekend to announce that they're looking into legal action, perhaps against the tour company, to prevent such future public attacks on the Chinese-American community. KRON4 was there, as you can see in the video above.

The rally may have been sparked by the revelation, via her Thursday night interview, that the woman in question is an Oakland resident. But those at the rally were equally concerned with the tourists who clapped at the tour guide's bigoted form of humor.

Oakland-based community activist Carl Chan is not satisfied with her apology, or that of the company that employed her, City Sightseeing, which issued its own apology last week. He says the rant made him sick to his stomach and, added, "I threw up yesterday."

Also at the rally, as you can see in the video, is former newscaster, noted penis sculptress, and Oakland City Council candidate Dana King.

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