We thought maybe Sidecar had struck some kind of sweetheart deal last week getting permits to drop off and pick up passengers at SFO, but it turns out the other rideshare companies got the same deal.

Uber's black car/limo drivers already had rights at SFO, since they're already limo drivers, but as of this week, Uber X drivers as well as Lyft drivers also are now allowed at the airport.

As the Business Times reports:

In order to get approved for the agreements, San Francisco-based Uber, Lyft and Sidecar all agreed to pay ongoing fees of $3.85 per trip, and to pay either a flat $100,000 to cover fees for rides already given, or some other amount based on the number of trips provided since April. That's when the airport first made permit applications available for so-called Transportation Network Companies, said airport spokesman Doug Yakel.

This is great news considering how much cheaper rides from the airport will be via Lyft or a non-surge-priced Uber X than a traditional cab, but this is of course terrible news for the traditional cab companies. Airport trips are the bread and butter of regular taxi drivers, and until now this was the last advantage that taxis had over rideshare cars.

So tell us, Uber: Do you really need that PR firm launching an anti-taxi propaganda website? Isn't that just a nail in the coffin too many?

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