Apparently, on her last day on the job, this San Francisco tour guide decided to crack open a beer and go on a lengthy, angry, off-color rant about everything she hates about Chinatown. Needless to say, given how many times she says the f-word, this would be audio-NSFW.

This unidentified tour guide was caught on video by some German tourists on one of those double-decker buses, and the video was in turn passed along to BrokeAss Stuart. It is unclear which tour company she was employed by.

The woman says her hometown is L.A., and she says the Chinatown there is "way cleaner" and has "way better restaurants." "Although this is the cheapest neighborhood [in San Francisco]," she says, "Do not live here. I have learned my lesson."

Here's the choicest snippet:

"Fuck your little seafood fucking markets with your turtles and your fucking frogs... when you come to America you've got to assimilate a little bit. And here in America we don't eat turtles and frogs... Fuck your laundry hanging out the windows, fuck your three or four people living inside your tiny SROs. Fuck your parades, fuck your dragons, fuck Chinatown. Fuck 'em."

By the end she's just screaming "Fuck Chinatown!" and "Go Giants!" as they go through the Stockton tunnel.

And at the 1:00 minute mark, after saying all that, the tourists aboard the tour bus applaud her sentiments. I will have to assume that a) they were foreign, b) they only understood every third word, and c) they believed all Americans talk like this when they're not on television. Otherwise they were just a bunch of good old American racists.