This post is brought to you by Cotopaxi.

Trying to shake those end-of-summer blues? Well, get out and do something! On October 24th and 25th, the Cotopaxi Questival is coming to San Francisco.

Gather up your friends and enter as a team in the 24-hour outdoor adventure—you'll compete to win a humanitarian trip to Mt. Cotopaxi and the Amazon in Ecuador, a ski trip to the Rockies, and tons of other prizes. Afterward, you'll even get to go to your very own music festival at Crissy Field, complete with all the food and drink you'll deserve after a full day of adventure.

Prizes aside, Questival is an awesome way to discover San Francisco, run around with your buddies, and do a little community service just to round out the day. Your challenges could include riding big wheels over the Golden Gate Bridge, taking selfies with llamas, surfing on an air mattress, or whatever else the diabolical organizers choose to put on the list. There's a reason its tagline is Team+Adventure+Party!

For a look at what you're in for, check out the highlight reel above from the last Questival. Think you're ready? If you hurry up and get your team signed up now, use the code SFISTERS30 and you'll get 30% off the ticket price!