The men arrested in a brutal brawl reportedly over a bathroom stall weren't the only folks in handcuffs at Sunday's San Francisco 49ers game at Levi's Stadium. In fact, 20 more people were arrested at the game, most of them on alcohol-related charges.

34-year old Dario Rebollero and 27-year old Amador Rebollero are likely the most famous of those arrested Sunday, after a video of what appears to be their attack on at least two men in a Levi's Stadium bathroom was posted to YouTube. It's since been removed, the online video company says, "as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content."

Moments after the beating, the Rebollero brothers (both of the Tulare County town of Traver, ABC7 reports) were arrested and booked into Santa Clara County jail for the attacks.

Meanwhile, family members of the Rebollero brothers say that the men are more than the guys we saw in the video. "It's not like them, that's not how they are, that's not them," their nephew told ABC7, and one of their wives said that the entire incident was precipitated by a racist remark made by one of the victims.

"I'm pretty sure there was a lot of people that witnessed what happened, or what provoked them. They were not just going to start swinging just to swing...I mean come on, we went to watch our game, we paid pretty good money for our seats."

According to the Santa Clara police arrest logs for Sunday, 20 other people who might have paid good money for their seats were arrested in either the stadium or the stadium parking lots, NBC Bay Area reports.

All the other arrests appear to be for drunkenness, a couple for resisting arrest, and a 34-year-old Stockton man went down for battery on a police officer and resisting arrest, which he apparently did sober. It's unclear if any of those arrested heard upsetting remarks before they allegedly drank too much, or if they were drinking just to drink.

In response to community concerns over the violence at 49ers games, Santa Clara police are holding a public meeting tonight to discuss "concerns from fans, residents and business owners," near the new stadium, some of whom might be a bit less jaded than those of us used to scrums at Candlestick and AT&T Park. Those folks will be meeting up at Don Callejon School at 4176 Lick Mill Blvd in Santa Clara from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night.