A group of Netflix staffers found themselves in a direct-to-online-video action scene of their own Wednesday night, when the shuttle bus they were in abruptly burst into flames.

The 12 Netflix employees were headed home after a day of work at the company's Los Gatos headquarters when the conflagration occurred. They were on northbound 280, just a few miles south of San Francisco near Daly City, when the bus began to blaze, CBS5 reports.

Netflix staffer Michael Spiegelman, who was on the burning bus, gave a succinct rundown of the events: "We started to smell smoke, and so we pulled over, got out of the shuttle, there was more smoke, then there was a pop, and then there was fire."

That fire was hot enough to blow the shuttle's windows out, and to catch at least one roadside tree ablaze. Area firefighters quickly extinguished the flames, as the Netflix riders gave thanks for their driver's judgement call, one saying "the driver was great, he pulled over really quick...we're all good!"

Vine: Ohad Ben-Yoseph