Already tired of using your precious laundry quarters to pay for Muni's new $2.25 fare? Well, if a new pilot program set to start in early 2015 works out, you will have the option of paying for Muni using a mobile app on your smartphone.

As the Chronicle reports, the initiative is aimed at people who currently pay cash for Muni, which makes up 40 percent of all riders, and is meant to replace disposable fare cards. The new app will offer single-ride, cable car, special event tickets, and visitor passports, but not Clipper cards.

The SFMTA has not yet announced who will build its app, but Business Insider reports that Portland-based software company GlobeSherpa is in the running for the contract. GlobeSherpa created a ticketing app for Portland’s TriMet transit agency, which you can view in the above image. An executive from the company said the smartphone app could have the same contactless fare collection technology that is used for Clipper cards.

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