Trevor Traina, son of S.F. grand dame Dede Wilsey — both of whom were immortalized in this fantastic dinner scene from Sean Wilsey's Oh the Glory Of It All in which wicked stepmother Dede is told to "shut up now" in the middle of Lespinasse and Trevor is oblivious — is named along with wife Alexis Traina in a new lawsuit that claims they created an unsafe working condition for a housekeeper in their Pacific Heights home. The suit is being brought in San Francisco Superior Court by one Rosa Martinez, a (presumably former) employee of the Traina household, who says that she experienced a "violent fall" on some steps outside the home in September 2012 after she was "forced" to take out some trash in the rain, as the Chron reports.

The Trainas haven't been in our pages much since that Vanity Fair piece last year about the new money vs. old money tension in Pac Heights, and now that the Chron doesn't do their Swells column anymore, so we're glad to see them back, albeit under unfortunate circumstances. (And let's not forget about this March piece in Forbes all about Trevor's talents as a "connector of people" and how he made his first $100 million by the age of 30, featuring lovely pictures of the Traina home.)

According to Martinez's suit, she was badly hurt outside the Trainas' six-bedroom manse on the 2800 block of Broadway on Sept. 5, 2012 when she was "made to go outside in the rain and walk upon a slippery and dangerous area of the property to place some garbage in a trash can." She's seeking unspecified damages for negligence and premises liability, and says that the fall left her unable to work and unable to help her husband care for their family.

People like the Trainas have to expect suits like this when they a) have deep pockets, and b) employ people, but they have not yet responded to the suit.

Sidebar: Does everyone remember the fab party none of us were invited to at the then-still-new DeYoung Museum in 2006 when Dede Wilsey threw a party to celebrate Trevor and Alexis's wedding? And Dede had the event team turn the whole DeYoung lobby into a "nightclub"? Good times.