After new video appeared online last week of everyone's favorite mentally ill incarnation of a Sesame Street character, Evil Elmo, back to his old tourist-harassing tricks at Fisherman's Wharf, KRON 4's resident scold Stanley Roberts could not resist revisiting the story. Roberts has been on the case of Adam Sandler a.k.a. Evil Elmo since his arrival in San Francisco two years ago, and now he's found out from the SFPD that Sandler has finally made enough of a nuisance of himself to warrant possible legal action.

"You know, it's pretty hard to wear out your welcome in the City by the Bay," says Roberts. "But the man posing as Elmo has managed to do just that."

According to Roberts, Sandler is most definitely facing aggressive panhandling charges, and may or may not be facing an actual stay-away order that would prevent him from donning the Elmo costume and unleashing racist invective around the Wharf. The SFPD says they'll also be getting some homeless outreach people to inquire about Sandler's living situation (as of June he appeared to be homeless and living out of his van), and possibly getting Sandler some mental health counseling.

Whatever you do, do not expect him to go quietly.

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