Since we last rounded up all the known facts about the upcoming American Horror Story: Freak Show, several more cast announcements have been made, and two unsettling teasers have come out in the past few days, including one featuring a forked tongue.

There looks to be some bonafide freaky things on the show as creator Ryan Murphy continues to leak photos and announcements, including a photo the other week of star Jessica Lange with the actual smallest woman in the world, Jyoti Amge. Murphy announced over the weekend via Entertainment Weekly that Matt Bomer had joined the cast. Bomer is up for an Emmy this evening for his role in HBO's The Normal Heart, directed by Murphy, as is Murphy both for his writing and producing of American Horror Story: Coven and his direction of The Normal Heart.

In total, the marvelously campy Coven is up for 17 Primetime Emmys in its category of "mini-series or movie," including nominations for lead actresses Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, and supporting actresses Frances Conroy, Kathy Bates, and Angela Basset. And it's good to see that Ms. "Balenciaga" herself, Conroy, got some special recognition for her scenery-chewing turn as Myrtle Snow.

The cast of Freak Show will also include Patti LaBelle, as was recently announced, who will play the mother of Gabourey Sidibe's character. And we learned earlier that Wes Bentley had joined the cast, but only recently it leaked that Bentley is playing a character inspired by Edward Mordrake, "a purportedly real 19th century aristocrat who was born with a second face on the back of his head" that could not speak but could, allegedly, laugh and cry.

This season will take place in Jupiter, Florida in 1950 at a fictional, carnival-style freak show, one of the last remaining in the country, run by Lange's German ex-pat character. As one "freak show expert" told On Edge TV, even though Jupiter was not known in real life for having a freak show, it is about three hours from a town called Gibsonton that was a popular place for carnival and circus people to spend their winters.

Also, the premiere date has been moved up from the earlier announced week of Halloween, as the LA Times reports. Freak Show will be premiering on October 8.

See the two teasers below.

Update 8/28: Here's the third teaser.

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