If you're sick of the supermoon hype, well, how about a supermoon and meteor shower combo?

This Sunday, August 10, the second supermoon of the summer will coincide with the Perseid meteor shower, which ABC News reports will bring 100 shooting stars an hour to the night sky.

The annual meteor shower peaks between August 10-13, but can potentially be seen for a week following.

Due to the brightness of the supermoon in the first half of Sunday evening, the best time to catch the meteor shower is around 2 a.m., astronomer Tony Berendsen tells ABC. It lasts until right before dawn.

If you want to see it in San Francisco, you'd better hope it's not foggy or cloudy. As Funcheap SF reports via EarthSky, you should get away from light pollution and head to a higher elevation for the best views.

[ABC News]

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