A new evening marketplace is coming to Civic Center next month, to an area that's more familiar with homeless fountain bathing after sundown than with lively cultural activities.

Held in United Nations Plaza, the Friday Night Market will be a weekly event from September 5 to October 24. It will include food vendors, fashion trucks, and arts and crafts.

In a press release, San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru said:

There are night markets all over the world where people come together to have a good time. The Night Market will liven up the center of our City with lights, music, food, merchants and — above all — people. Come and listen to music, sample good food and spend time with your family and friends — there’s something for everyone.

The UN Plaza/Civic Center area has historically been a little sketchy at night, so let's hope this new market attracts a decently big crowd.

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