Since he's not getting out of prison anytime soon, someone decided that Jeremy Meeks, a.k.a. #HotFelon, ought to parlay his recent internet fame into a merchandise line. Yes, you, too could own the Jeremy Meeks action figure, complete with orange jumpsuit and automatic weapon, assuming his management team gives the OK to the maker of the doll.

Custom action-figure company ThatsMyFace made a mock-up of the doll, which has a decent likeness of Meeks's mug on it, and as SF Weekly reports, it stands 12 inches tall.

Chances are that Meeks' agent, who reportedly landed him a modeling contract while he remains behind bars, will not want to promote this image of Meeks as a dangerous criminal. ThatsMyFace says they've reached out for permission, but the action figure is not a done deal yet.

But just to be clear, he very probably is a dangerous criminal. Just one who happens to be dangerously hot.

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