Phew, right? For anyone who was panicking that Clothes Contact, the $10-a-pound vintage store that's been the go-to for bargain hunters for two decades, was going to be closing imminently, you can breathe easy. Though it's true that the space is on the market, the store has put up signs assuring customers that its doors will be open "at least until the end of this year." So, your Burning Man- and Halloween-related disposable-clothing shopping can continue uninterrupted.

Mission Mission notes the update from the store, and we note that the original Craigslist posting for the retail space (asking $14,000/mo) has expired, and there is not yet a replacement ad. And maybe it's tough to have prospective tenants get a fresh vision for the space with all that musty clothing everywhere.

So, for all you looking for well worn house dresses that you can repurpose as sundresses for the playa, or whatever, there is still plenty of time.

[Mission Mission]