A pair of Oakland-based artists/humorists have been setting up vagina-drawing booths over the past two years, sometimes making appearances at Gay Beach in Dolores Park and in the Castro, asking gay men to draw vaginas, or whatever a vagina calls to mind, or what they believe a vagina to look like. Now they're looking to put out a coffee-table book of the hundreds of drawings they've collected called Gay Men Draw Vaginas, and some of the images are, in fact, quite hilarious.


Before you get all PC-sensitive about this (like some did with this video) and start throwing around the M-word (misogyny), please watch the video featuring creators Shannon O'Malley and Keith Wilson poking their heads through Annie Sprinkle's vulva [link NSFW], and realize that this is all in good fun. The project came about around a dinner table one night when Shannon asked Keith to draw a vagina for her. Then Keith's boyfriend drew one. Ultimately, a contributor summed up the dilemma for gay men this way.

Illustration by Aaron Blumenthal Cheyene

And, of course, someone's always going to give it teeth.

Illustration by Ian Kroll

Via Kickstarter they're looking to raise $37K for printing the book, which will be 220 pages long and off-set printed. A pledge of $37 will get you a copy of the eventual book.

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Photo via Gay Men Draw Vaginas