An "unprecedented" amount of maintenance work at BART's Daly City station means platform closures and service disruptions for passengers traveling through the system this weekend, BART announced Thursday evening.

Only one track between the Balboa Park and Colma stations will be in use all day on Saturday and Sunday, and only one service line, running every 20 minutes, will operate between the 24th Street station and the Daly City station this weekend, the transit agency said in a statement.

On Saturday, the Blue Line and Green Line Dublin/Pleasanton and Fremont trains that normally go to the Daly City station will instead stop at the 24th Street station. In addition, there will be no Red Line service from Richmond to Daly City on Saturday. Instead, passengers traveling to San Francisco and beyond should board a Fremont-bound train and transfer at the MacArthur station.

Fremont trains have been scheduled to operate 12 minutes before and eight minutes after the scheduled times of the Richmond and San Francisco trains, BART officials say.

Two platforms at the Daly City station will also be closed during this weekend's fix-up frenzy, which includes "replacing platform edge tiles that have loosened and are creating a tripping hazard" and "performing preventative maintenance on a variety of systems including elevators and escalators."

The work crews, which BART says will be out in "unprecedented" numbers at the Daly City station, are also expected to address issues with "tracks and trackside areas," and will be "doing maintenance work on public areas like stairwells."