If you have ever envied the birds flying over San Francisco, now is your chance to experience what it's like. No, really. The mad geniuses behind Birdly are in town, with their full-scale flight simulator that allows you to flap your wings and feel the breeze on your face as you soar among downtown skyscrapers and over the Bay Bridge.

Birdly is currently installed at Swissnex, although remaining flight slots seem to be sold out. But tonight, July 31, it will be at the California Academy of Sciences Nightlife festivities, and August 7 at the Exploratorium.

We'll leave it to you to select your mental soundtrack for the experience. Our pals at Racer Records suggest maybe Steve Miller Band ("Fly Like an Eagle"), Eva Cassidy ("Songbird"), Manhattan Transfer ("Birdland") or Leonard Cohen ("Bird on the Wire"). Or just listen to the breeze as you soar above San Francisco. It's truly amazing.

Ted Weinstein is a literary agent and photographer who lives in San Francisco.