Haven't you been complaining to all your friends about needing to leave windows open when you sleep and change undershirts twice a day? It's that monsoonal flow we told you about last week, and no, it's not really over yet. But there is some heat headed our way for the weekend, especially if you live east of the city — it's expected to hit 82 in Oakland, 101 in Livermore, and 96 in Concord on Friday. Good luck with that.

Here in S.F. it's going to be a practically unseasonal (for July) 78 degrees or so on Friday and Saturday. But given all the heat that will be happening all around us, I suggest going shopping for a cute swimsuit on your Thursday lunch break and finding any way possible to put it to use over the weekend, even if that means driving a half hour to find a pool or beach.

I also suggest downloading the new La Roux album and just letting that play in your car / on your headphones while walking down streets and sunny paths.

Also, you could go out for ice cream. Because unlike on most weekends of the year, I will not judge you for standing in that Bi-Rite Creamery line in the frigid cold. Because it will, instead, be warm.

Come Monday and Tuesday, the monsoonal flow returns, and there's even talk of rain and possible thunder and lightning on Tuesday, which would be very exciting.