Are you someone who neither comments nor reads the comments on SFist? Good for you! Go ahead and move along.

OK, now that we've gotten rid of those weirdos, we at SFist are thrilled to announce a new feature that we're super excited about and we think (most of) you will be, too: the commenter's Time Out Corner.

We love our commenters! All of you, we swear. But sometimes, we worry about a few of you.

Strongly influenced by (but still quite distinct from, in policy, intention, and execution) Gawker's Commenter Executions, the Time Out Corner is our way to show you that we care. Think of it as an online, public intervention for anyone who is clearly getting themselves wound up, or who needs to chill, get off the computer, or just have an honest pal (that's us!) to tell them to be less tiresome. Tough love, if you will.

Here's how it works: readers may nominate commenters who need to take a time out by emailing [email protected]. Please put "Time Out Corner" in the subject line, and include a link to the comment/comments that you believe demonstrate a need for a time out, as well as an explanation of why a break is needed.

Acceptable reasons for a time out include (but are not limited to) being deliberately obtuse, being overbearingly condescending, getting too "into it" when they should relax (especially about non-imperative subjects), taking a discussion off-track, or posting repetitively or far more frequently than is healthy.

While we may quote your nomination note, your identity will be kept confidential. We got your back, snitches!

SFist staff will also be making their own picks of whom to send to the Time Out Corner. We promise that in no case will time out decisions be made because a commenter makes unkind remarks about SFist or disagrees with our privately-held political views.

Each commenter sent to the Time Out Corner will receive a sentence at our discretion, during which their commenter account will be temporarily suspended on SFist (this won't prevent your use of the Disqus commenting service on any other sites).

Those sent to the Time Out Corner may appeal that decision, but be aware: your appeal may be published on SFist for a community vote and discussion.

Obviously, of course, our normal community standards remain in place — please keep on flagging and alerting us if you see comments that threaten violence or are hate speech, for example.

The Time Out Corner isn't for those folks — it's for those users who we believe need a pause to reflect, and maybe to let others get a word in edgewise. Let the nominations begin!