Yeah, so, we won't be hosting the America's Cup, we're not getting any money for Super Bowl 50 (which, let's face it, is really in Santa Clara), and George Lucas just dissed us in favor of Chicago. But all is not lost, as San Francisco's Harding Park has been named the host of two major golf tournaments to take place in the 2020s.

According to Golf Digest, anonymous sources tell them that Harding Park will be the home of the 2020 PGA Championship, known as "one of the most important events in golf."

Golfweek also reports that in 2025, Harding Park will host the Presidents Cup. This will be the second time in recent years that the course has been home to that tournament, as it was also played there in 2009 (remember?).

Harding Park, which is located on the city's west side near Lake Merced, has a rich history: first opened in 1925, the only city-owned public course managed by the PGA tour had its darkest hour in 1998, when it was actually turned into a parking lot for an event at the neighboring Olympic Club.

Former United States Golf Association President Sandy Tatum, known locally as the man who spearheaded Harding Park's $16 million renovation in the early 2000s, was thrilled by the news.

"It's gratifying beyond my ability to express how I think and feel about it," Tatum told the Chron. "Spectacular is the right word for me. It's affirmation of what I thought that golf course could be, and how I thought it could be an asset and have very serious impact on the community. This development really verifies all the thoughts and feelings I had coming into this project."

Dates for either event have yet to be set, but Tatum tells Golf Digest that he hopes the PGA shoots for early spring.

"Summer provides the fog problem, interferes with play and because it's a perfectly beautiful site, to see it on a perfectly lovely day just makes the experience there that much more dramatic."

PGA of America is expected to make an official announcement regarding the decision on July 2.

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