Not shockingly, the firebug the police arrested on Wednesday for setting over a dozen small fires in SoMa and the Mission sounds a little loony.

ABC7 caught up with 47-year-old arson suspect Anthony Bejarano's former roommate, who claimed that Bejarano "cornered me in the kitchen and threatened to kill me." The roommate then called the police but he declined to have Bejarano arrested at the time, which was sometime last year. "I said no because I was afraid he would harm me if I did."

Police are saying that Bejarano is definitely dangerous, and that they have surveillance footage of him at or near the site of multiple fires from the last month. They say they have photos and video of him "in the process of committing a series of arson fires," and always carrying a shopping bag to the scene.

As KTVU reports, the tip that led to Bejarano's arrest came from a convenience store owner who recognized him as a repeat customer. Sam Habash of Gabby Cafe and convenience store in SoMa even saw Bejarano walking by the shop right after he'd seen the surveillance footage that the SFPD had posted online, and he called the cops.

Bejarano's now being held on $1.3 million bail, and has so far refused interviews.

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