17 goats escaped from a designated grazing spot near 101 this morning, and instead took off down a San Francisco street.

According to Animal Care and Control Captain Denise BonGiovanni, a call regarding the herd of wild (for the moment) goats came in Friday at around 11:15 a.m., as they made their way down Bayshore Boulevard.

It turns out the goats are part of the City Grazing herd, which SFist readers have seen working on landscaping projects around the city for the last five or so years.

Apparently, the goats were hard at work at Key Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard when they decided to take off, according to BonGiovanni.

One goat actually even got onto northbound 101, but, amazingly, escaped certain disaster when conscientious drivers slowed down and allowed the ACC to get him or her off the freeway.

Another 16 goats were found wandering down area streets. ACC officers penned them in near Bayshore Boulevard and Wheat Street, as SFPD blocked of traffic for the impromptu rodeo.

When City Grazing's herder arrived in a pickup truck to retrieve his errant flock, the goats got spooked and almost ran off again, BonGiovanni said.

He returned with a trailer, and the 17 goats were safely loaded and sent on their way.

"No humans or goats were injured today," BonGiovanni said, but she doesn't think any of them got a taste for freedom, either.

“I think they were a little too freaked out to have any fun,” BonGiovanni told the Chron.