That friend who is always running 10 miles in the morning and posting about their seemingly carefree, glamorous lives? It's probably mostly lies.

The great short film above illustrates the negative correlation between certain peoples' Facebook likes and their actual happiness. For anyone who has ever been a little uncomfortable watching a friend happily spin their breakup as "Finally Single!!!" or any other variation on that theme, you should enjoy this. And for everyone who has tried to market their own lives as if such events deserved their own public-relations spin, this might make you sad.

The short is by three Norwegian brothers who make films together: director Shaun Higton, producer Andrew Adam Higton, and video effects artist Steven Higton. It speaks to the social awkwardness we all feel staring at our Facebook feeds, competing with our exes for likes, and being stupidly jealous of other peoples' social media clout.

Yes, these are weird times that are often disconnected from actual, lived reality. And here's why you should take every Facebook addict's latest update with some healthy, cynical skepticism.

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