So, you have out-of-town guests, but they're too delicate for Fisherman's Wharf's Dungeon and too afraid of ghosts to go to Alcatraz. All they want to do it visit that crooked street they've heard so much about. But starting this weekend, it's closed to non-resident traffic! Relax, there's a way to get around this closure, and it's an easy one.

No, the solution is not to "lie and say you're a resident." That's stupid. Instead, just take a cab.

As you recall, resident complaints about traffic spurred the SFMTA to institute a pilot program in which non-resident motor vehicles will be banned from the crooked stretch of Lombard (that's the bit between Larkin and Leavenworth) from noon to 6 PM every Saturday and Sunday through July 13. It'll also be closed on Friday, July 4.

However, the SFMTA board voted to continue to allow cabs (not Uber or Lyft, actual rapidly-collapsing-industry taxi cabs) to travel the street during those hours.

Of course, you could walk, too, but avoid the temptation provided by an empty road and keep it on the sidewalk. For, according to the Chron, "Pedestrians will still be allowed to use the sidewalks...but will not be permitted to walk or gather on the crooked street itself."

Depending on how the pilot goes, SFMTA leadership will make a decision whether to keep the weekend closure going, or to, they say, "seek State legislation to allow the City to gate Lombard Street so that only local traffic can drive down the Crooked Street at all times or when deemed necessary."