We've heard tell of recent occasional pass-throughs by Mission police busting people with open containers of beer and wine, and of course this useless harassment of tipsy sunbathers goes back several years. But we'd just like to inform you that we're receiving a first-person account today of cops roaming through a mildly crowded southern half of the park on this beautiful, sunny Wednesday afternoon, forcing people to empty their bottles and cans into the grass. So rude.

It's of course technically illegal to be drinking in the park. It's illegal to be smoking cigarettes there too. Does everyone do both of these things on a daily basis? Yes. Do the cops even bother when the place is almost too thick with people even to walk through? Not usually. But clearly they were bored today, and looking to be spoilsports, or they got a call from an incorrigible, bitter, bored NIMBY who lives next to the park and has nothing better to do than be a killjoy on a sunny day.

People like that deserve our pity.

But just a warning to be on alert these days with your bottles. Keep them well concealed or you might lose half a bottle of lovely Pinot Gris.