Amidst all the ramen burgers, cronuts, and cake fries, we obviously were missing a vitally important and obvious food mashup: the grilled-cheese cake. Leave it to the fine people of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen to fill this void.

Per The American's head chef, Heidi Gibson, "It's about 32 sandwiches, made with Tillamook Monterey Jack and Medium Cheddar. We build the layers (each two sandwiches deep) in springform pans and then stack them, with six layers total." It's garnished (obviously) with florets of aerosol Easy Cheese.

Also, she adds, that this is just a modest display version. "I've made them twice as big!"

Thrillist provided a helpful how-to here.

The grilled cheese cake is available for special order from both locations of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, via email with 48 hours notice, at South Park and in the Mission at 20th and Harrison.