This is just a quick update on the ongoing construction happening in the northern half of Dolores Park, but next week is when the concrete trucks arrive!

As Dolores Park Works reports, Cara Ruppert of Rec and Parks posted some updates about the "above-ground" improvements that we'll start to see in the coming week, which includes the pouring of the walls for the new north restroom and operations building near the corner of Church and 18th. Get excited, everyone.

Per Ms. Ruppert:

At this moment in the construction process, a lot of “ground work” is occurring, including laying down the drainage systems, trenching for utilities, and grading for the new paths and sports courts. In the next couple of weeks, you’ll start to see some exciting above-ground improvements. A lot of concrete will be poured next week, including the new steps on the park-side of the bridge and the 19th Street promenade paving.

Following those, the contractors will be relocating the Mexican Liberty Bell at the 19th Street plaza, and the north restroom and operations building walls will be poured. The park’s improvements will start to become increasingly obvious and these milestones will be the first time we’ll see some of the final “above ground” design elements and materials.

Summer is busy at Dolores Park - enjoy the park and all the special events that are happening this summer! Respect your neighbors and respect the park - remember to take your trash with you and follow the posted park rules. Get Out and Play!

Construction on the northern half of the park is expected to be complete by October, at which point the focus will shift to the southern half, including the areas around the playground, and the gay beach. A second bathroom will be built into the hillside below the playground, and a new overlook is being built up the corner of 20th and Church. The entire project is scheduled to be complete by next spring.

And everyone deserves a round of applause for keeping the peace in the open half of the park during this trying time. Together, we will get through this.

[Dolores Park Works]

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