Young people! On the bus yellin', with their Snaptweeing and MY day kids cared about something, we stood for something!

OK, Grandma and Grandpa, calm down. Tonight we have an event that's perfect for you.

This evening, visit Mission art organization Galería de la Raza for the opening night of Youth So Educated Are Dangerous, an exhibition of work by the Central American Family Resource Center of San Francisco's Youth Leadership Cohort (YLC).

Intended to encourage kids to lead, the YLC focuses on "exploring the direct link shared between creative activity and community building, use of art in social contexts, and the meaningful role that art plays in effecting social change."

In the works on display, young artists explore "conceptions of the self and community" through media like printmaking, writing, media arts, and "a large-scale collaborative community mural."

Expect work that examines contemporary social constructs, environmental factors related to physical health, and grassroots activism, all as a visual representation of "YLC's primary efforts toward educating participants to be active leaders and agents of change in their own communities."

What: Youth So Educated Are Dangerous
When: 6-8 PM
Where: Galería de la Raza, 2857 24th Street
Cost: Free