Is our Muni sick-out nightmare nearly over? The SFMTA seems to think so, alerting media this morning that the transit agency expects to be operating at 90% of their usual service Thursday morning.

According to the MTA, things have been improving all week: Muni operated at 54% on Monday, 61% on Tuesday, and 80% on Wednesday.

And today, only 45 of Muni's usual 600 morning commute vehicles are sidelined, allowing, the SFMTA says, all service, including cable cars, to return to their regular routes this morning. (But just in case, BART will still let you ride at Muni prices between Embarcadero and Daly City.)

Is today's improvement a result of a move by San Francisco city attorney to force the drivers back into work? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'm sure that someone will take credit for all these sickly drivers' recoveries. It will be interesting to see who that ends up being!