Don't say we didn't warn you. As rumored last week, Muni drivers, who are currently in contract negotiations with SFMTA management, are holding a "sick out" today, with two-thirds of Muni's fleet out of service this morning.

Muni has warned riders that they should "expect long lines and gaps in service in some areas." According to SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose, only about 200 of Muni’s roughly 600 vehicles are in service for Monday's commute.

Muni also says that all cable cars are out of service this morning, and KRON4 reports that all express service is cancelled today, too.

If you can commute via BART within the city today, you're in luck: BART will be honoring Muni fare within San Francisco and Daly City, according to the SFMTA. Otherwise, we suggest that you find another way to get to work, or travel armed with a whole lot of patience.

Muni drivers voted Friday on a proposed agreement with the SFMTA, and though the results of the vote are not yet available, it was rumored that they were not going to be good. As city charter prevents Muni drivers from striking, drivers had warned that instead, they just might not feel well enough to come to work today.

The employee union, Transport Workers Union Local 250-A, has not returned requests for comment on this morning's sick-out at publication time.