When the abandoned Hugo Hotel is finally demolished this September, the 35 quirky pieces of furniture that make up artist Brian Goggin's "Defenestration" installation won't be thrown out with it. The leaping tables and marching chairs and twisted lamps are currently on sale for up to $35,000 per piece.

Goggin's creations were installed at the hotel back in spring of 1997 and have been a SoMa landmark for the past 17 years, which surprised even the artist. “I have been care-taking Defenestration for seventeen years so of course I feel a strong, affectionate relationship with the artwork, and feel the loss,” Goggin told the Chronicle. “However, it has been a good run for a temporary installation.” Goggin originally thought the artwork would stay up for six months.

The pieces are currently still on the building for the next week or so, but they'll start coming down on June 2nd. At that point they will be individually restored, signed by the artist and sent off to a new owner. If you've ever wanted to own a drooping couch that looks like it's falling out a window, the pieces are currently for online through Varnish Fine Art. The cheapest piece is a working blue lamp that might be hard to fit into your current living room setup offered for $650.

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