Tonight, enjoy the last in a series of indoor picnics geared toward bikes and those who love them. There's food and a couple of movies from local filmmakers, all free!

"Bikes, beer, and good times" fans DasBike have been hosting the DasBike-In Movie Nights since January. Intended both to make for a fun night and to introduce folks to Cyprian's Center, "a community-based, volunteer-driven hub of collaboration that connects artists, advocates for a more resilient and sustainable future, and anyone seeking a deeper sense of community," photos from past movie nights suggest that they've been successful on both counts.

Tonight is not just the final movie night in the series, but it's local filmmakers night, which means movies from Huckleberry Lain, Laura Lukitsh, Ellie McCutcheon, and Kristin Tieche. You'll also see Neighbors Developing Divisadero's Share the Wiggle: Tips from Sunday Streets Bike Riders, on best practices for "for sharing the Wiggle with other cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians."

Attendees are reminded to bring a blanket, cushion, or something else to sit on (remember, this is an indoor picnic) and to bring something to take food home in in case there are leftovers. Homey!

What: DasBike-In Movie Night
When: Arrive at 7:30, movies start at 8
Where: Cyprian’s Center (2097 Turk at Lyon)
Cost: Free, but donations happily accepted