On Saturday, a mac and cheese-stuffed burrito will be available for one day only at Papalote Mexican Grill. It's called the Soulrrito. It comes crammed with the aforementioned pasta as well as tri tip beef, collard greens, and yams. And people are already pissed about it.

The culinary curiosity is the brainchild of several noted local DJs. Tamara Palmer (writing for The Bold Italic) has more: "The limited item is a collaboration between owner Miguel Escobedo (aka DJ Mr. E) and Pam the Funkstress, DJ for The Coup, afternoon mixer on KBLX, and owner of Piccadilly Catering and Restaurant in Foster City." Interesting.

Now, there are two schools of thought regarding these newfangled fusion items. One, it's not cool. It's an abomination. This is just shtick. For purists, this isn't a burrito. Two, it looks delicious. Shove some Pizza Rolls in there while you're at it. Let's go wait in a long line because that's now considered a fun San Francisco pastime. But whatever your school of thought on casual fare, it's hard to find a dish more controversial than the burrito (insofar as ones that don't directly involve the murder of a living creature). In fact, the Soulrrito has already ruffled the flautas of our favorite burrito aficionado:

The Soulrrito, available tomorrow at 11 a.m at 3409 24th Street.

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