As a natural redhead, one who has reaped both the benefits and the woes of being a prized/loathed ginger, it is my duty to inform my rouge-topped kin that our presence is wanted. For what? A "parody rap music video celebrating being a redhead." Where? In Oakland. When? June 9. Why? Because we might (or might not) be a dying breed.

This Facebook post sounds the alarm, saying: "Calling all redheads! We’re looking for gingers to star in a music video, shooting in Oakland on Saturday, June 7. It’s a hilarious project with lots of viral potential. Only talent required is being a natural redhead. Go to to learn more. Please repost and share with your favorite gingers!"

Note: you must be a "natural redhead." Ha! Bottle boys and girls, please step to the left. Your kind are not wanted.

Also, will this be in the sun? I hate when I'm not informed beforehand that I'll be in direct sunlight. Do you know the impossible preparation many redheads must suffer through to spend less than an hour in the sun? And don't even get me started on bees...

Free food and drink. Hopefully, this will be a fun attempt at viral video fame (some rap parody videos, however well-intended, can unspool into unfortunate and offensive territories). More details here.