No, they didn't menace Laura Dern, nor did they refuse to hold on to their butts. But remember how the fine scientists of Jurassic Park claimed that they had taken clever steps to keep the cloned dinos from reproducing? Well, (21-year-old-SPOILER) those lab techs were unable to thwart the universe's reproductive plan, and neither was Gayle Haggerty, the Palace of Fine Arts volunteer swan caretaker.

According to the Chron, city officials and swan caretakers had hoped to control the city's swan population by swiping four of the eggs laid by Blanche, the swan clan's matriarch. Haggerty then replaced the eggs with ceramic look-alikes, but Blanche saw through the ruse, and laid two more, both of which hatched last Friday.

Why try to keep the swans from reproducing? Apparently, it's because their dad, named "Blue Boy," is a jerk. Though things seem great now, with the adorable fluffy cygnets posing for tourist photos and paddling alongside their parents, by next year's mating season, dad "will push them off and kill them if they don't leave," Haggerty told the Chron.

That means that Haggerty and her colleagues have less than a year to find homes for the baby swans, which are considered an aggressive nonnative species, which makes them very difficult to sell, transport or ship anywhere. So, the alternative to this egg swap is an endless cycle of trying to find homes for as many as six unwanted swan progeny a year.

In any case, the new babies are at the Palace of Fine Arts for now, riding around on their mom's back and doing their best to avoid predators and drunk assholes. So go see them while you can!