Several local Walgreens outlets are in the spotlight this week after the grocery store watchdogs at KRON4 News began investigating reports of rodents scampering through the aisles of cheap snacks, greeting cards and fine first aid supplies.

In their investigation, KRON4 heard allegations of "large rats" running through the Walgreens on Kearny Street between Sutter and Post in the Financial District. "I've seen them on the apples," KRON4's anonymous tipster explains, ruining a midday office snack run for anyone working in the neighborhood, "with the rodents eating the apples during business hours." Although pharmacy/convenience stores like Walgreens usually get a health department inspection every year, this particular location hasn't been inspected since 2010.

The Walgreens on Van Ness Avenue and Eddy Street (a great place to buy king size candy at a discount before a movie at the AMC Van Ness) was shut down late last week after the Health Department spotted mouse feces on the floors, food storage areas and around some stuffed toys.

Per Walgreens corporate, the company closed the Van Ness and Eddy location for a thorough scrubbing last Friday.

Elsewhere in town, a Walgreens on Stockton Street in Chinatown was also shut down after the Health Department discovered some scrappy mice in the store. That location went on to hold a fire sale on eggs just a few days later.

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