Well, protest group the Anti Eviction Mapping Project sure does. On Thursday they released a "dirty dozen" list of executives in the tech sector who they claim have evicted or are in the process of evicting tenants in San Francisco.

A few names on the list are Jack Halprin (who made headlines last month after a protest was staged at his Mission District residence), Thomas Fallows (another Google employee who, the group makes a point of noting, "was on the Harvard Rowing team with co-evictor Jonathan Kibera"), Helene de Baubigny and John Golob (Ellised 2 units at 2750-2752 Union).

David Duffield, co-founder and CEO of cloud application Workday, appears on the list. However, according to Reuters, "A spokesman for Workday said the David Duffield identified was not the same as the company's co-founder."

Nine of the members of the list are accused of using the contentious Ellis Act to boot tenants. And at least five evictors have Google somewhere in their CV, which seems to be a sticking point with the Anti Eviction Mapping Project ilk. Check out the "dirty dozen" list here.

AEMP also has a time-lapse visualization of all the Ellis Act evictions that blew up from 1997 to 2013. The numbers are staggering: 3,811 evictions, according to Business Insider.

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