Because nothing is too hipster for our fair town, and because we feel left out when Brooklyn gets things that we don't, I'm starting a campaign right now to get Hot Tub Cinema, a rooftop hot tub party series out of London, to come to S.F. The outfit just threw their first U.S. party, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last week, and it featured hot tubs on a roof, booze, and a projection screen. A winning combo if you ask me.

As the New York Observer reports:

For $55, the event featured a spot in a hot tub with 4-6 of your friends (or strangers if you’re so ambitious), access to an open bar, popcorn, and a screening of Hot Tub Time Machine, because obviously.

Hot Tub Cinema partnered with Crowdtilt on the event, and founder Asher Charman says he plans to hit some other U.S. cities, "including Los Angeles." But I think everyone reading this needs to go here and suggest he brings the party to San Francisco first. Do it.

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