This Sunday, the city's iconic Bay to Breakers race will steamroll its way into our hearts. Since the annual race tends to turn into a piss and shit show, here's a list of banned items at this year's giddy, whackadoo race. Ahem:

- No floats

- No baby joggers

- No baby strollers

- No skate boards

- No roller blades (WHAT)

- No unauthorized bicycles

- Basically, no wheeled devices (save for wheelchairs, which must be authorized prior to the race)

- No nudity (“nudity’s not okay and we’re not naïve that that might not happen, but deferring to those who might not have six packs, there are going to be kids and families,” says Police Chief Greg Suhr)

- No backpacks ("unless they are clear and are no larger than 8.5”x11”x4")

- No alcohol or any controlled substance

- No peeing and/or pooping anywhere that's not an officially sanctioned bathroom

- No refunds

And that's it. For now. Oh, and remember to register here.