SFist wants to give you plenty of advance warning before Bay to Breakers, the city's annual alcoholic marathon spiraling out of control, takes place this Sunday. A few very important notes:

- The southern portion of Alamo Square will be closed during the race. This is a first. "Due to its location at the crest of the Hayes Street hill, Alamo Square has served as a natural stopping point for weary runners (and walkers, and stumblers) in past races," reports Hoodline. "With the park closed, there's no telling where those folks will head instead. "

- Have fun with whatever you and your entourage dream up, costume-wise. SFist's Andrew Dalton says, "I saw something on Facebook about people being a deck of Cards Against Humanity." That sounds glorious. Also, anyone dressed as Solange at the Met Gala should automatically win the race.

- Here's last year's liquor store map, care of Joe Kukura of Exercising While Intoxicated.

- Be careful while partying. Last year, if you recall, 28-year-old David Hamzeh died after falling off the roof of a four-story building on Fell. Police will also be out in full force.

- Don't fight. You could kill someone.

- "Please note that no alcohol and no wheeled devices (including floats) will be allowed on the race course during Bay to Breakers. Violators will be removed from the race course immediately and will not be issued a refund." Chortle.

- Register for Bay to Breakers here.

- Brace.