Prom proposals are all the rage this year, and one teen from Los Gatos, California managed to enlist the help of Walter White to woo/threaten one special lady.

Stefan Montana, 17, managed to flag down Cranston outside the Neil Simon Theatre in New York last month, where the former Malcom in the Middle star can be seen as L.B.J. in All the Way on Broadway. Montana, who has a passion for the stage and hopes to study theater arts in college, looked absolutely ecstatic as he asked out his crush Maddie Abene via a selfie video on Instagram. The high schooler even refrained from any potentially awkward Jesse Pinkman references as Cranston told Maddie, "if you don't go to the prom with Stefan, than maybe your best course of action would be to... tread lightly."

Despite Mr. White's threatening demeanor, Maddie said yes. And Cranston, being the nicest guy in showbiz at the moment, actually paid to fly both teens (and their moms) back to New York City two weeks ago to meet the cast of All the Way and check out a couple more Broadway shows.

“I don’t think there’s any saying no to Walter White," Montana told ABC. "And if she did say no...”

“You’d kill me!” Abene said, although it was unclear if that was teenage drama or a Breaking Bad joke. “It was a threat — a kind threat.”

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