Remember when you said you wanted to go to film school? Come on, everyone has said this at least once. But now you have a job and rent and other practical stuff to worry about. But set aside those worries tonight, as you go see what some first-year film students are doing.

Tonight Artists' Television Access hosts a screening of projects from The San Francisco Art Institute’s Intro to Film class. You'll get to see two in-class group projects, Juicy Wasteland Before Cortez and The Cinegram Flashlight film Shadowgraphic Traces, as well as individual student film projects from 12 members of the class.

And yes, it's true, student film can be a mixed bag! But, really, can it be any worse than that Marky Mark Transformers movie? And, who knows, you might come away with some inspiration. It's never too late, you guys.

What: Cellu-Brain Fever Dream
When: 8 PM
Where: Artists' Television Access, 992 Valencia Street
Cost: $4