When Hoodline first reported that a Lower Haight landlord presented tenants with a letter that appeared to require a $100,000 minimum in income, the response was fast and furious. The outrageous and illegal demand made headlines across the country. And now the landlord has circulated a second letter, this one basically saying, "Never mind, guys, I take it all back!"

Though Hoodline declined to identify the landlord or building, ABC7 determined that Robert Shelton, the landlord of 312 Fillmore Street, was behind a letter slipped under all tenants' doors that said, among other things, "The building policy/requirement of a current apartment applicant/resident is that they are able to establish that their minimum annual income is at least $100,000 - additionally required is a minimum FICO credit score of 725."

This requirement, as SFist and pretty much everyone else noted, is a violation of state and local laws, which do not allow a landlord to enact such rules for current tenants. Perhaps that's why Shelton has since distributed a second letter, this one stating, "After reflection and guidance, I hereby rescind the April 25, 2014 correspondence to you. The information contained was flawed. My apologies for the confusion created."

This apparently isn't the first time Shelton has sent out wacky notes to residents: according to ABC7, he has also issued missives "addressing all sorts of issues including changing locks, getting keys, and adding security cameras," and another saying that "any visitor without proper identification will be escorted and arrested as a trespasser."

Despite his prolificacy in written communications, Shelton clammed up when asked to explain his recent memos: according to ABC, "When ABC News phoned landlord Robert Shelton to ask, he hung up. When an ABC News reporter knocked on his door, Shelton slammed it in her face."