Yesterday we met the San Francisco Zoo's unnamed Red Panda. We learn today that Mr. Red Panda (as we will call him until he gets an official name) has an adorably vicious thirst for plush toys and bamboo. Although our new ginger friend appears to be giving that toy fox a brutal mauling, we would still gladly take this little guy out for Thai food, because he would pick out all the bamboo shoots from the pad thai, obviously.

Mr. Red Panda won't be on public display until Saturday, May 10, but the folks from Animal Planet are currently hard at work on his fancy new treehouse, which comes complete with a covered, wraparound deck and lengthy, reclaimed wood promenade leading to a second sun deck. This is one red panda who can totally get behind a little temporary human encroachment — even in the Outer Sunset, those sort of amenities are expensive.

Also included here: an adorably arboreal koala bear who got some face time with Animal Planet this week. Koala, you can definitely come along for Thai food too!

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