According to ABC7 today, the rush hour traffic on the Bay Bridge is the worst it's been since the last BART strike. (Which seems like only yesterday.) But it's not an increase in the number of vehicles that's slowing things down — it's everyone hitting the brakes to check out the demolition of the old East Span.

"It's the demolition work being down on the adjacent old bridge that has a much more commanding visual presence," John Goodwin of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission told ABC7. The exciting demolition, the awe-inspiring, lemme-Instagram-this beauty of the new span and some unfortunately timed construction on both shoulders are all contributing to the traffic on the bridge. More so even than the tiny bump in the number of cars using the bridge on a daily basis.

According to Caltrans, the best way to get a good look at the either span is on your bicycle from the new span's bike lane. SFist, meanwhile, recommends you enjoy these views of the old span's demolition from the comfort of your desk chair.